Camissa is an indigenous Khoisan word describing the area around Table Bay known as the City Bowl today. It means “The place of sweet waters”, derived from the fountains, springs and streams originally found around Table Mountain.

Camissa was launched in 2006 by Khonaye and Samantha as true “Black owned and managed South African” company, focussing on Townships Tours. We do not do poverty tours, rather our tours focus on the people who live in the Townships, their daily lives, culture, traditions, norms and customs.

Camissa has impeccable BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) credentials. We are 100% Black owned and managed. Samantha and Khonaye have lived in the Townships around Cape Town for years and they personally conduct our tours. In addition to guiding, Khonaye and Samantha have their hands full with our sales effort, building relationships with the distribution channel in Cape Town and abroad.

Our credo is quality and sustainability. Quality of your township experience, booking experience and administrative experience.

For us sustainability means minimal environmental interference, and maximum participation by Township residents.

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Godfrey                        Mveleli

Nelson                          Songezile


 About Khonaye Tuswa

My Name is Khonaye Tuswa. I was born in the rural Eastern Cape this is were I took my first step in life and started my first formal education with the guidance care and comfort of my late grandmother

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My first experience of city life and township was in Johannesburg and Soweto

Here I continued my primary education before I moved down to the city of Cape Town

In the mother city this is were my exposure and passion for tourism started I was living with an aunt who was running a tour oparations business in her house

After two years I left for boarding school in Kokstad before re-uniting with my father when he was transferred to East London.

I graduated from high school in East London and then enrolled at East London College for a Travel and tourism diploma.

I was fortunate whilst at East London College to be selected with 17 other fellow students for an international trip to Denmark we were on an exchange educational program

When I completed my Tourism Diploma I moved back to Cape Town I got involved with Tsoga Environmental Resource Centre in Langa, working on voluntary basis doing site guiding

This inspired me to go back to school and complete a tourist guiding course working in an industry which I am passionate about and studied towards has been a blessing being part of Camissa’s brainchild is more than I bagained for.

My passion to design and facilitate travel experiences lives on , be my guest and let me share my wealth of knowledge about Cape Town and its surroundings with you!

About Samantha Mtinini

 My name is Samantha, I was given the name when I was young and don’t even remember who gave the name to me, and this name became popular more than my African name even though I don’t look like Samantha or feel like her but well this is my name.

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My African name is Zoliswa means… Humble

My origin is from the Xhosa tribe from the Eastern Cape Province about 1.078km east of Cape Town.

I was born there and did my schooling until I move to Cape Town in 1999 to further my studies and lived with a relative in Langa Township.

Since then we moved a lot in various Townships around Cape Town since we did not own a House. The city life became more interesting compared to the village where I came from.

I went to college to study Tourism Management, however because of financial constraints, I was forced to leave the college to look for employment so that I could finance my studies.

Since then I have changed jobs and studied part time so that I could complete my studies in Tourism.

In the year 2003 I got a contract to work on Robben Island as an Information Officer and there I had an opportunity to work close to the Ex-Political prisoners who are now Prison Guides on the Island.

I have learned a lot from them and I think that is where I have developed more interest in our culture and history. I also learned more about the Tourism Industry since the Island is being visited by Locals and International tourists from all corners of the world.

In the year 2005 I moved on to become a free lance guide working for a number of Tour Companies based in Cape Town.

I was doing various tours for them but my heart was more on to the cultural part of Cape Town’s Townships.

As that is where I lived, I feel more comfortable to share stories about our lives, hopes, dreams, fears, challenges, triumphs and things that we have achieved since our democracy

This provides the opportunity to share our stories about living on the other side of Cape Town, our life style, things we did and the places we went to within our community.

In 2006 I met Khonaye who has been a Guide for some time.  We both had the same vision of starting a Company that will not only show you the beautiful side of Cape Town but also to take you to the less visited areas of Cape Town like the Townships.  These are the places that Tourists see as they arrived in Cape Town International Airport driving towards N2 freeway to our beautiful City of Cape Town.

However, since there is a stigma attached to these areas because of problems of the unemployment rate that results in poverty and crime, we thought if we are to approach people in these communities and we can make Tourism to be everybody’s business, in this way we could have everybody’s involvement by making sure that people visiting our communities are safe and that they benefit from the tour visits.   Since then we have developed a very good working environment with these communities.

I am happy that since I have started this tour company it has helped a few young people in these communities to make a living and people are starting to see the benefit of Township Tourism in their communities as we are supporting a number of community based projects.

It is now evident that more people in these communities are running businesses related to tourism and they are benefiting.

I am happy that I had started my own Tour Company and that through it I am able to make a living and take care of my parents back in the village.

I look forward to meeting with you and to show you around my community.

Here are a few words that you need to learn before you visit the Township as we speak our native language

Isixhosa:    Hallow – Molo/ Molweni

How are you – Kunjani

Thank you – Enkosi

Welcome – Wamkelekile