• Nancy Eddy

    15th February 2012

    Dear Camissa Travel,
    I had the opportunity to take the half day Camissa Township Tour on 11/5/2011, Khonaye Tuswa lead our tour.
    I just want to thank you for such a humbling experience and thank you for the thoughtful way that the tour was conducted. My hope is that someday all of the world’s people, who live in such oppressive conditions, shall have a better life. I would like to think that in my retirement I can find a way to help in some way somewhere in the world.
  • Carol Collier

    2nd March 2013 

    I really did not want to do a township tour. I really believed it was an insult to the residents. However , I could not have been more mistaken. Our tour guide Samantha , was so informative and educated us beautifully in the history and current situation in Langa and many of the townships. I will not go into too much detail, but will say a trip to Cape Town is incomplete without this tour. It opens your eyes to so much. cCape Town is not just the V& A and Table Mountain. Explore District 6 Museum and take this Tour. There were only 4 of us in the mini bus and Samantha introduced us to our lovely guide for the Walking part of the tour. We took a bag of candy for the children in the crèche and left a small amount of money for the crèche fund. This is entirely optional and we were not asked to do this. I also took some toiletries for the ladies of the apartment we viewed. Just some little bottles from our hotel!
    So pleased we took time out to do this.

  • Ken Geraci

    19th February 2013

    Hi Khonaye I just wanted to thank you again for the great experience on the township tour today.This tour open my boys eyes to just how fortunate we are and to always be happy for what you are blessed with in life and not to look at what others may have because their are a lot of people less fortunate.Also, we want to thank you for taking the time to bring us to the field to see the boys play soccer. This was a great opportunity for my kids to see the talent in another part of the world.They truly enjoyed it.It also showed me you were listening. Which is a very important facet of your business.Good luck in your business and may you have all the success you desire. Best Regards,Ken

  • Michele and Tom Postema

    15th February 2012

    Just one week ago we were, with some trepidation, anticipating going on a Sunday Camissa Township Tour with you. What an eye-opening experience our time with you was. Thank you again for your ministry and mission in Cape Town. We will not forget.

    As we were driving on N2 to the airport to leave South Africa on Wednesday morning, we saw you in your distinctive van, and we waved good-bye to you across the lanes of traffic. It was fitting that we glimpsed you one last time before we flew back to South Korea, where we live and teach at an international school.

    Blessings on you, your family, and your work.

  • Jill Denker

    15th February 2012


    We are the friends of Andrew Cantor that sent the clothes and school supplies for the preschool. You have inspired us and our friend Andrew to help supply the children at the Langa preschool with supplies and other furniture items needed at the school. I hope Andrew continues to help the pre-school, and the people living in Langa, with clothes and school supplies through his fellow workers and businesses he is in contact with. We appreciate the opportunity to meet you and the lovely people in Langa and hope to help them live a better life in which to grow and become educated!!!! My older daughter, Marisa, is becoming involved with a club at her college and she hopes to help Langa through her club that helps with urban development. One of the presidents worked in Langa last summer to help the township of Langa for two weeks so she is familiar with the needs and wants of the community.

    Please send me info as to how my daughter can get in touch with the people that are in charge of the farming location you showed us that provides fresh vegetables for the community of Langa. It was a orange building that a large vegetable garden in front of the property and then on the side was a building or trailer where they serve the people food. Hope you have a contact so Marisa can help the small farm. My younger daughter, Rachel would love to continue to help and stay in touch with the children as well. Maybe you can think of a way she can stay in touch with the pre-school and help. Thanks so much for helping us to help the township of Langa!!!!!

    Be well and talk with you soon, Sincerely, Jill Denker