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This question is often asked of us? “I don’t want to be a voyeur”, seems to be the common concern.

There are so many reasons to visit our Townships but we will focus on two reasons only. The first reason is the economic benefit for Township residents. Simply put, Township Tourism creates jobs, driving down unemployment, putting bread on the table for many South Africans. We welcome you as a guest into our Townships, our neighbourhood.

The second reason concerns you the traveller. Camissa will facilitate a profound personal and interactive cross cultural experience, helping to promote an understanding that whilst we are different, we are the same in so many ways.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to visit the Townships is the people who live there … their humanity, hospitality and warmth. Ubuntu.

Our tour includes a visit to the site of District Six where a community of over 60,000 people were forcibly removed during apartheid. Thereafter we proceed to the predominantly “Black” Township of Langa. Here we have an in-depth experience including a walking tour, home visit and where appropriate, a visit to a crèche or orphanage.

Thereafter we proceed to Bonteheuwel where we compare and contrast a “Coloured” Township with your recent experience in Langa. Finally before returning to Cape Town, we visit Guguletu where we relate the story of Amy Biehl and the Guguletu Seven.

A Camissa Township Tour is not a game reserve experience. It is not about ticking Township names off a list. Our tour is about the people who live in these Townships.


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